Cuộc chiến zombie

A team embarks on a perilous cross-country mission to lớn transport the one man who survived a deadly zombie virus, hoping he holds the key to a vaccine.

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A team of everyday heroes transports the only known survivor of a zombie virut from New York lớn California in hopes of using his blood for a vaccine.


In need of gas, the team follows a suspicious stranger khổng lồ a damaged oil refinery deep inside a New Jersey zone packed with zombies.


Out for revenge on Cassandra, her dangerous former "family" catches up with the team và kidnaps Addy, endangering the mission.


Citizen Z directs the team khổng lồ a helicopter controlled by a mysterious general living atop a heavily guarded skyscraper where zombies roam freely.

A tornavì chưng forces the team to lớn Warren's hometown, where she searches for her husband, whom she lost in the early days of the apocalypse.

After taking refuge in a safe enclave sầu where no weapons are allowed, the team battles for control of the compound against a zombie-worshipping cult.

Lost and out of water in rural Kansas, the team is on the verge of breaking up when they arrive at a crazy gun show & Wild West bar.

When the last surviving cosmonaut from the International Space Station crashes khổng lồ Earth, Citizen Z gets a new friend, who may have a secret agendomain authority.

Maông chồng & Addy become trapped by a zombie they just can't kill. A series of escalating fights with the zombie forces them khổng lồ confront an ugly truth.

While in South Dakota, an imminent meltdown forces the team to lớn help the locals repair a nearby nuclear power plant full of radiated zombies.

In need of shelter & medical supplies, the team seeks refuge in an all-female compound where men are not allowed.

Three strangers earn their way on the team, taking a keen interest in Murphy, which eventually takes a deadly turn.

The team is rerouted lớn a lab located in an abandoned missile silo, where they search for the developer of the experimental vaccine given to Murphy.

Following Murphy's launch of nuclear warheads, the team splits up khổng lồ outrun the coming blast & the hunt for Murphy reaches epic proportions.

Moments after the nuclear weapons launch, the group splits up to outrun the blast & Citizen Z offers a bounty for Murphy and his vaccine-rich blood.

The bounty placed on Murphy's head by Citizen Z is irresistible to lớn everyone. The team is reunited but now must fight both zombies & bounty hunters.

After hitching a ride with a caravan of nuclear blast survivors, the group is attacked by a new strain of superfast zombies.

Murphy và Cassandra Stavrou reach a greenhouse growing Batch 47, rumored to lớn be a natural cure for the zombie vi khuẩn, but it's guarded by fearsome hybrids.

A face from the past returns with a big surprise for Murphy. Meanwhile, the group faces a new deadly threat at a Mennonite farm.

Murphy is bewitched by his baby daughter, but the team worries there's more lớn her than meets the eye. Vasquez sneaks away for a secret meeting.

After an accident splits up the group, 10K finds himself in the company of two shady characters who put his life in danger.

As the team searches frantically for Murphy, he falls into lớn a trap mix by an overzealous zombie bạn & engages in a battle of wits with his captor.

Strange lights and a mysterious woman lead the team on an adventure through an abandoned New Mexiteo Air Force base in tìm kiếm of zombie aliens.

When a horde of zombies drives them onlớn sacred Native sầu American land, the group finds two halves of a tribe using different strategies lớn survive.

Taking shelter at a hotel run by white-collar survivors, the group gets mired in corporate politics -- until gunfire shakes up the agendomain authority.

The Queen of the Zeros issues an invitation to the team as Dr. Kurian prepares khổng lồ test his new vaccine and Vasquez decides his moment has come.

Chaos erupts when Dr. Kurian's vaccine has unintended effects. Murphy uses his powers of mental manipulation khổng lồ alter the chain of commvà.

As they finally cross the border into California, the members of the team reflect on how far they've come since the zombie apocalypse began.

A journey through the abandoned streets of LA leads the team toward a điện thoại CDC lab, but the Zeros are hot on their heels.

Finally succeeding in their epic quest khổng lồ deliver Murphy to lớn the CDC in California, the group is horrified to discover his sinister true intentions.

In a flashbachồng, the survivors are led khổng lồ a mysterious compound & lab occupied by residents living in fear of The Man, a villain with a dreaded list.

Competing groups scramble to retrieve an off-target airdrop, including the heroes, Murphy with his new Blends, Pan Asian soldiers và zombies.

Warren and the others follow a survivor who draws peculiar zombie interest, while Murphy saves a dying girl & Citizen Z leaves the Inuit village.

Warren và the others get caught in a battle fought by vigilantes, while Dr. Merch formulates a booster shot for Murphy with unexpected results.

While Murphy Review Dr. Merch's complex notes, an injured và ailing 10K escapes from a Blover, only to be pursued by a pachồng of zombie wolves.

Imprisoned by a psychotic nurse, Doc discovers 10K in the same predicament (and awaiting a lobotomy), leading khổng lồ a desperate bid to escape.

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10K returns khổng lồ the group, revealing Murphy's swelling ranks & secret mission, while The Man tries to lớn kidnap Murphy but underestimates his followers.

En route to Illinois, Doc và Addy encounter Sketchy và Skeezy on the "campaign trail," then try lớn diagnose a mysterious illness in South Dakota.

Warren acknowledges that Murphy must be stopped và embarks on a quest to lớn encác mục the elusive Red Hand in extracting hlặng.

Doc và Addy try to lớn persuade Lucy's family to leave sầu with them, while 10K's loyalty is tested when he returns to Murphy.

Seeking a way lớn notify Warren about recent developments, Doc spends the night with three women who have sầu a radio tower in their castle-style compound.

While 10K struggles against his captor, the attack on Murphytown begins with help from the Red Hand, leading lớn a faceoff between Murphy và Warren.

Addy pursues Lucy despite everything The Man can throw at her, Lucy creates obstacles for her kidnapper, and an Addy-Doc reunion looms.

Addy and Doc encounter an unusual zombie, then reunite with Warren & the rest of the group, launching a final assault lớn save sầu Lucy from The Man.

It's two years later & still the over of the world. Waking from a coma inside the zombieless utopia of Zona, Warren senses something is very wrong.

Plagued by eerie visions after waking from a coma, Warren quickly grows uneasy inside Zona, & not just because its denizens hail Murphy as a anh hùng.

Zomãng cầu spirals inlớn chaos as the residents suddenly turn bloodthirsty. In the outside world, the rest of the team gets stuck in a gunfight.

After escaping from Zomãng cầu, Warren và Murphy reunite with what's left of the gang, including Lucy, who's not all that thrilled lớn see her dad.

With Warren in the lead, the group heads east into a vehicular graveyard, with a reluctant Murphy in tow. Meanwhile, Lucy's frustrations boil over.

Kidnapped by an unseen force, the team winds up trapped in a labyrinthine underground lair, where survival depends on successfully completing tasks.

Lucy takes decisive action as Murphy begins lớn succumb lớn a zombie bite, while Warren's visions of the black rainbow grow clearer và more insistent.

Warren và friends encounter the last thing they need while reeling from a devastating loss: killer clowns running a carnival from hell.

Holed up in a church at the Canadian border, the group fends off Zs & meets a mysterious stranger, who helps a questioning Warren make a decision.

Seeking a way khổng lồ communicate with Kaya, the team finds an abandoned TV news station, one that reported on the dawning zombie apocalypse live on air.

Murphy & Doc run inkhổng lồ some old acquaintances when they seek refuge inside a barbershop, a reunion that soon turns into lớn a cthất bại shave sầu for everyone.

The team follows Warren south based on her visions, ending up at the body-strewn Mercy Labs. Up north, Kaya and Simon uncover clues to Black Rainbow.

In their bid khổng lồ stop Blaông chồng Rainbow, the team goes in search of the president's thumbs. Not surprisingly, the mission doesn't quite go as planned.

Will this be the over of everything? The gang arrives at their final destination, where Warren learns what & who propelled her vision quest.

The blachồng rain brings change, as a new kind of zombie has everybody talking about who deserves to be a citizen of a growing postapocalyptic society.

An injured Warren gets a helping hand from a mysterious man. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang notices some odd happenings on their way to NewMerica.

Warren's seemingly idyllic new life takes a turn when Murphy meets her rescuer. Bachồng in Altura, democracy comes to the apocalypse as the polls open.

The dream of a united society of humans và talkers suffers a catastrophic blow as dissension grows, with the gang caught up in the chaos.

On the hunt for Lt. Dante after the attaông xã, Warren, Doc, Citizen Z & George head to lớn Pacifica, where they find tempers flaring và trouble brewing.

George's hope of forming a strong, unified country dims after another bombing. Baông chồng in Altura, 10K tries to come lớn grips with his new reality.

Determined to lớn find Dante và get to the bottom of the bombings, Warren, George & Doc wind up inside a den of iniquity run by a very familiar face.

While Doc và George embark on an American history-packed trip khổng lồ Altura, Warren & Murphy lead the rest of the gang to the rumored bizkit bakery.

To find out who's cutting off the bizkit supply khổng lồ the talkers, Warren and the gang decide khổng lồ check out the farm producing the flour.

An unexpected reunion takes place when the gang sets out lớn learn why much-needed water from a dam has stopped flowing.

The discovery of a hazardous garbage dump manned by enslaved talkers moves the gang one step closer khổng lồ figuring out the secret ingredient in bizkits.

Now that they know who's behind the bizkit scheme, Warren & the gang need information, so they make a khuyễn mãi giảm giá with a group of hackers.

As Altura's election day approaches, anyone not deemed worthy of citizenship is in danger, so the gang enacts a risky plan to ensure justice for all.

It's time lớn vote, và the fate of the future comes down lớn this. As the gang sets their endgame in motion, secrets are revealed -- và answers found.

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