X-War: Clash of Zombies is an entertaining strategy và resource management game in which players must create an army of superheroes to lớn fight the zombies


The guys at Moon Studios have worked on a strategy trò chơi that offers something we love: lots of fan hâm mộ service. They have gathered a lot of superheroes from different franchises for the occasion. Let"s kick the evil zombies" ass!

Superheroes fight against the zombie apocalypse

X-War: Clash of Zombies is a strategy và resource management game along the lines of the mythical Clash of Clans, to which it "pays homage." The difference is that in this title, players can create an army of legendary superheroes và characters very popular in the fandom, such as Goku, Wonder Woman, Batman, Ichigo, Hulk, và Captain America, among many others.

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Would you lượt thích to recruit Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, và other superheroes to defeat the zombies?

Your primary mission is lớn rescue Dr. X and rebuild your base, which has been annihilated in a zombie attack.

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As in other strategy games, players have lớn erect và improve buildings, obtain resources, expand an army, train soldiers, and defend the base.

You also need to equip your characters with increasingly powerful weapons & armor lớn succeed in battle. Combats are automatic, và the players" role is limited khổng lồ strategy.

Build your base, train your troops, recruit superheroes, and unlock more technology to fend off zombie attacks!

This is a quite peculiar and straightforward trò chơi that offers an exciting proposal thanks to the cast formed by more than 50 popular characters. Và it also includes multiplayer functions, as you will be able to face other players in the leagues and participate in cooperative combats. Go ahead and download the game android file!