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What size SUP Board is Right For You?

When choosing a stand up paddle board, you want khổng lồ choose a size that has enough volume (buoyancy) based on your weight and experience level to keep you properly afloat. Use the below paddle board kích cỡ chart broken down by SUP model, characteristics, suggested weights and volumes for each board.Bạn vẫn xem: Mat


General Paddle Board Sizing

Most SUPs are between 10-11 feet & 32-34 inches wide. Width will determine how stable your board is, however the wider your board, the harder khổng lồ paddle. Shorter length boards are primarily used for racing và are easily maneuverable. In addition khổng lồ height và weight, the board thickness also matters.

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SUP Weight Capacity – Why It Matters

The weight capacity of SUPs varies by type & model. It’s important to lưu ý that you cannot be too light for a stand up paddle board! As long as your weight is at or below the suggested weight limit, you should be fine. However, you don’t want khổng lồ be too heavy for a board. When the paddler is heavier than the board’s weight capacity, the board will ride lower, dragging in the water và making in inefficient to paddle.

SUP Weight Capacity Calculation

Beginner Paddle Board Calculation

If you are new lớn paddle boarding, you want to lớn make sure the SUP you get can support your weight & is super easy to balance on while paddling. Please know that if you plan khổng lồ go paddle boarding with your dog, kids, friends or significant other, please make sure khổng lồ consider their weight into the simple equations below. Also consider any gear, food or water you’ll carry on board with you.

Advanced Paddle Board Calculation

If you are an intermediate khổng lồ advanced paddle boarder and are considering on purchasing a step up to lớn your last SUP, use the equation below. We did not include an equation for inflatable paddle boards because most inflatable SUPs are for all skill levels (beginner – advanced).

Inflatable Paddle Board size Tips

Inflatable paddle boards are great for flat water paddling & are easy khổng lồ take with you. Thin, 4 inch inflatable boards are good for children or very lightweight paddlers, but are not recommended for others due lớn the potential “taco effect”.


Epoxy Paddle Board kích cỡ Tips


SUP Sizing By Activity Type

The general rule of thumb when determining what kích cỡ stand up paddle board is right is to địa chỉ 9-10 inches lớn the height of the paddler. In addition to the height, consider the weight of the paddler, their experience, và where they will paddle. It’s important to note that the height rule of thumb varies depending on the primary use of the SUP.

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Touring và Racing SUPs

Paddlers looking for touring stand up paddle boards generally choose a board that is slightly longer than the average, 10-12 inches taller than the rider. An epoxy board is lightweight, rigid, và glides through the water making it the perfect choice for racing. In addition, racing SUPs are typically narrower making them fast but less stable.

Ideal kích thước racing SUP: 12’6 – 14’

Yoga SUPs

if you’re looking for a stable SUP that can be used for yoga or flat water paddling should choose a board with a wider surface area for additional stability. For yoga paddle boards, look for boards with a comfortable deck pad similar to your yoga mat.

Ideal kích thước Yoga SUP: 10’ – 12’6

Surfing SUPs

The ideal kích thước SUP for catching waves is typically smaller than average, about 9-10 feet. Lớn ensure they are easily maneuverable opt for a board that is slightly shorter.

Although most SUP surfing boards are hard boards, inflatable SUPs are a great option for easy transportation.

Ideal size Surf SUP: 9’0 – 10’6

SUP Sizing for Beginners

If you’re new khổng lồ paddle boarding, stability is mostly likely a key factor in what type of SUP you choose. Most beginners opt for an inflatable SUP board which has a uniform thickness from the nose to lớn tail which helps paddlers better balance their weight. Use our SUP Beginner’s Guide to learn how to lớn paddle board.