How to get dreamscene ( or a video wallpaper) on windows 7

Normal desktop wallpapers are nice, but be too static. Here"s how to set a video clip wallpaper to spice things up.

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Desktop wallpapers are nice khổng lồ look at, but they can be a little static. It"s time to end all of that & set a đoạn clip wallpaper instead.

Several tools are available for this, each with slightly differing results. But whatever your platform, be it Windows 10, macOS, Linux or Chrome OS, you should find one that works for you.

Select a video clip for Your Desktop Background

Before you get started setting a video as a desktop background, you need lớn spend a few moments considering which video đoạn clip you wish to use.

Different types of videos are suitable for different purposes. For example, if you just want to lớn enjoy your favorite movie while you work or browse the web, simply choose a đoạn phim of a suitable length.

If, however, you really want an eye-catching desktop background, then selecting a shorter clip would be more appropriate, especially if it"s something that will be striking when looped. đoạn clip clips and GIFs can both be used.

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Here are four ways lớn set a đoạn clip wallpaper for your desktop. These options can work on Windows 10, macOS, Linux, và Chrome OS.


We reckon that the đoạn phim wallpaper tiện ích gives the best results, & it"s easy to use. On the downside, it"s not không lấy phí (costing around $10 khổng lồ buy). However, you vì get a miễn phí trial.

Begin by heading to the site and downloading PUSH video Wallpaper. Run the EXE tệp tin to install, and then launch the app. Instantaneously, your desktop background will be transformed as the app runs, displaying a chạy thử video đoạn phim on a loop.

To change this:

mở cửa the PUSH video clip Wallpaper vật phẩm from the taskbar. Click the + symbol lớn browse for a new clip. Select this lớn set a background. For short clips use the loop tool in the controls.

Other controls include a shuffle button, the option lớn change đoạn phim intervals, and a volume/mute button. This could prove useful for controlling audio levels when you might prefer lớn be working. Playlists of videos for a đoạn phim wallpaper can also be created.


The result is a smooth, full screen desktop đoạn phim wallpaper background, with phầm mềm windows và icons sitting in the foreground. PUSH đoạn clip Wallpaper is a great option to lớn set a đoạn phim as your Windows desktop background.

2. Phối a đoạn clip as Your Wallpaper With VLC

Another way creating a desktop background đoạn clip is thanks to that most versatile of desktop truyền thông players, the VLC truyền thông player. Available from, the VLC truyền thông media player is available for all operating systems.

In theory, this method will work on various Windows, macOS, Linux, even ChromeOS, BSD variants, & Solaris.

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Download: VLC media Player for Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS

How lớn Create a Desktop Background clip Using VLC

Setting up VLC truyền thông media Player to play videos as a desktop is straightforward. In older versions, however, you"ll need to:

open Tools > Preferences > Videos và set the Show Settings box lớn All. Next, look for the Output setting and select DirectX (DirectDraw) video output in the drop-down menu. Click Save, then exit VLC and browse khổng lồ the video đoạn clip you want to use as a background Right-click the đoạn clip and play it in VLC truyền thông player. As it plays, right-click on the player window & choose Video > set as Wallpaper. Alternatively, click Video > set as Wallpaper from the menu.


Once you"re done with the video, maximize VLC truyền thông media player, open Video, & click DirectX Wallpaper again to remove the check. Then exit the program.

However, for more recent versions of VLC media player, simply right click the clip and select Video > phối as wallpaper.

However, the VLC solution may not suit you. Although the đoạn phim goes into full-screen mode và you can still access your Windows toolbar & Start button, desktop icons & shortcuts are missing.

It"s more of a modified full-screen mode than a desktop background.


If the results from VLC media player don"t meet your requirements, there are various alternatives of varying complexity.

Your best option is probably YouTube, which again will work with Windows 10, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

To set a YouTube clip as a desktop wallpaper:

Play the đoạn phim then set it to lớn full screen. Alt-Tab through the open apps và place them on đứng top of the video.

The clip then becomes the background. Note that again in this scenario, it is not a true desktop background as there are no desktop icons và shortcuts. Hit Esc khổng lồ exit the full-screen view.

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A fourth option is for Windows 10 và uses a tool available from the Windows Store. Desktop Live Wallpaper+ puts you in full control of the images, GIFs, và videos that play on your desktop background.

Install it using the links below, or by opening the Windows Store on your computer và searching for "desktop live wallpaper."

Download: Desktop Live Wallpaper+ (Free)

After installing, you"ll find Desktop Live Wallpaper+ in the Start menu, under Recently Added.

With Desktop Live Wallpaper+ running, setting a video wallpaper for Windows 10 is simple:

Click Add Photos/Videos. Click Pick from PC to lớn browse to where your đoạn phim backgrounds are stored (the phầm mềm also provides video download resources). Select each video, image, or GIF you want to use as a background. Click Apply Changes.
All the videos in the thư mục will play in turn. Want to lớn change this? Simply click Add Photos/Videos to địa chỉ cửa hàng more from your PC & click Apply Changes.

Use the Settings tool to lớn adjust Photo Duration and Use Transitions, & toggle Video Sound and AutoStart.

If you want to stop the clip background on your Windows 10 desktop:

Go lớn the System Tray. Right-click Desktop Live Wallpaper+. Click Exit.

Take Your Desktop Theming to the Next Level

You probably know of various ways khổng lồ customize your desktop, from simply changing the background picture to lớn moving the taskbar. But adding a video clip as the desktop background is the final stage of customization.

If you haven"t tried it already, now is surely the time. You have four options:

PUSH đoạn phim Wallpaper for Windows. VLC media Player for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS. YouTube for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS. Desktop Live Wallpapers for Windows.

VLC is probably the best solution for this, which should come as no surprise given how versatile it is as a truyền thông player.

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