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Park Seo-joon is a South Korean actor và singer. He is best known for his roles in the South Korean dramas Kill Me, Heal Me (2015), She Was Pretty (2015), Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016–2017), Fight for My Way (2017), What’s Wrong with Secretary Kyên ổn (2018), and Itaewon Class (2020).

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Park Seo-joon was born as ‘Park Yong-kyu/Park Yong-gyu’ <1>Naver on Friday, December 16, 1988 (age 33 years; as of 2021), in Seoul, South Korea.


Park Seo-joon as a child

He did his schooling at Bucheon’s Songnae Elementary School, Incheon’s Imhak Middle School, và Incheon’s Anphái mạnh High School. Initially, he never thought of becoming an actor. He didn’t lượt thích studying, và like any other kid, he went lớn school, cram school, and PC rooms with his friends. While he was in middle school, he began contemplating his career options. After his friends suggested he become a Mã Sản Phẩm because of his long height, he began dreaming of becoming a Model. After his family’s opposition towards his career choice, he left the thought of modeling. Being shy as a child, he decided to lớn study acting to escape his shy personality in middle school. In an interview, Park said,

I couldn’t even order food at a restaurant, I was so embarrassed. I wanted lớn change that. And I have khổng lồ confess I was drawn a little bit khổng lồ the glamour (of acting).”

He joined an animation club in his middle school and participated in his first cosplay sự kiện at a school arts festival. Talking about its experience, he said,

That was the first time I wasn’t afraid of people’s attention. It was surprising.”

In high school, he joined an acting academy, where he gave his first stage performance.


Park Seo-joon in his teens

In his teens and twenties, he did part-time jobs & also attended hagwon (after-school classes). In 2008, he started his mandatory military service and served in the Korea Correctional Service at Cheongju Prison as a prison guard. Talking about it in an interview, he said,

I went to lớn the military in 2008. I wanted to lớn act, but it didn’t go well. At that time, I thought I had to lớn solve the problem from the military, so I left early. I also regretted it. But now that I think about it, it was good that I went early. (Laughs)”

He was discharged from his services in 2010.


Park Seo-joon during military days

He studied theatre at the Kyungpook National University Daegu Campus. <2>The Korea Herald He studied acting at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. <3>The Chosun Ilbo

Physical Appearance

<4>Daum – Park Seo-joon Height: 6′ 1″

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown



Nothing is known about his parents. He is the eldest of the three sons of his parents. One of his younger brothers is married, and he has a niece from his brother.


He was in a relationship with a girl in his middle school who was also his friend. He doesn’t communicate with the girl now. In the 2012 Kdrama ‘Family,’ he shared an on-screen kiss with the South Korean-Canadian actor Choi Woo-sik. After the scene aired, people began speculating that Park and Choi were dating. The speculations were shut down by the actors, who said that they were just cthất bại friends.


Park Seo-joon with Choi Woo-sik

He was rumored khổng lồ be in a relationship with his co-star in ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ (2018) Park Min‑young. The news of their dating broke out in July 2018, & the rumor was denied by both of the actors’ agencies.


Park Seo-joon with Park Min‑young

He was rumored to lớn be in a relationship with the South Korean actress Baek Jin-hee. Reportedly, Seo-joon moved khổng lồ her neighborhood lớn stay cthua trận to her, & they were also spotted wearing the same jackets. Clarifying the reports, he said that he moved his apartments because his old place had parking problems, & the jackets were sponsored.

He was even believed khổng lồ be in a relationship with the actress và singer Hyolyn. Park’s parents know Hyolyn, and she has often visited his parents. A video of hyên ổn và Hyolyn went viral in which he was seen helping the injured Hyolyn walk.


Park Seo-joon with Hyolyn

He has even been linked with the South Korean singer Sunngươi.



He was said lớn be in a relationship with Klặng Ji-won after the couple appeared in the 2017 Kdrama ‘Fight for My Way.’


Park Seo-joon follows paganism. <5>Naver



KeyEast (2014-June 2018)Awesome Entertainment (joined in July 2018)

Music Videos

In 2011, he made his debut in the South Korean entertainment industry by appearing in the music of Clip of South Korean rapper Bang Yong-guk’s single ‘I Remember.’

He also appeared in the music đoạn phim of The One’s ‘One Two Three Four’ (2014) & Kim Ji-soo’s ‘Dream All Day’ (2017).


In 2011, he made his feature film debut with the South Korean film ‘Perfect Games,’ which is based on the true story of rivals Sun Dong-yeol of the Haitai Tigers & Choi Dong-won of the Lotte Giants, the top pitchers in the Korea Baseball Organization league during the 1980s. He played the small character ‘Chil-goo’ in the film.

After working for some time in the television industry, he played the main role of ‘Cha Dong-jae’ in the năm ngoái South Korean film ‘The Chronicles of Evil.’

In 2017, he appeared in his first lead role as ‘Park Ki-joon’ in the South Korean action comedy film ‘Midnight Runners,’ a story of two students at the Korean National Police University who decide khổng lồ use their knowledge và trachồng the kidnappers after witnessing a kidnapping.

He then appeared in the lead role in series of South Korean feature films like The Divine Fury (2019), Dream (2021), and Concrete Utopia (2021). In 20đôi mươi, he was seen in the South Korean black comedy thriller film ‘Parasite,’ which follows a poor family scheming employment from a wealthy family lớn infiltrate their household by posing as unrelated và highly qualified individuals. The film won Palme O’dor at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, four Oscars 20đôi mươi, Golden Globe 2020, và Screen Actors Guild Award 2020. He played the role of ‘Min-Hyuk’ in the film.

In 2022, he is slated khổng lồ make his American film debut with the superhero film ‘The Marvels.’



In 2012, he made his television debut with the South Korean series ‘Dream High 2’ in the main role of ‘Lee Si-woo.’

After starring in main và supporting roles in the South Korean TV series Family (2012), Pots of Gold (2013), và One Warm Word (2013), he appeared in the lead role of ‘Yoon Dong-ha’ in the South Korean TV series ‘The Witch’s Love’ (2014).

In năm ngoái, his breakout roles came with the South Korean dramas ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ và ‘She was Pretty.’ In ‘Kill Me, Heal Me,’ he was seen in the second lead role of ‘Oh Ri-on.’

In ‘She was Pretty,’ he appeared in the lead role of ‘Ji Sung-joon,’ an ugly child-turned-handsome man who wants lớn find his first love.

In 2016, he appeared in the lead role of ‘Moo Myung/Klặng Sun-woo’ in the superhit K-drama ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth,’ which is based on the story of an elite group of male warrior youth called Hwarang in Seorabeol, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla.

In 2017, he appeared in the lead role of ‘Ko Dong-Man’ in the superhit K-drama ‘Fight for My Way,’ which focuses on the lives of four individuals who struggle to succeed in their love life and career.

In 2018, he appeared in the lead role of thắm thiết comedy-drama ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ as ‘Lee Young-joon/Lee Sung-hyun.’ Seo-joon starred alongside Park Min-young in the drama. The series was a big success, & Seo-joon received praises from critics for his performance, being dubbed the ‘master of lãng mạn comedy’ by the Korean press.

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In 20trăng tròn, he appeared in the lead role of ‘Park Sae-ro-yi’ in ‘Itaewon Class,’ which aired on JTBC in South Korea and Netflix worldwide. Itaewon Class follows the journey of Park Sae-ro-yi, whose father died an unjust death at the hands of the heir of a top food company, from a pub owner khổng lồ the biggest food company in South Korea as a means lớn take revenge of his father’s death. The series was included in Time Magazine’s menu of ‘The 10 Best Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix’ & Forbes’ các mục of ‘The 13 Best Korean Dramas Of 20đôi mươi.’ The series was revealed khổng lồ be the first most searched drama/entertainment program of 2020 and the fourth most searched domestic term of 20đôi mươi in South Korea.

Apart from these, he also made cameo appearances on the Kdramas Mama (2014) và Record of Youth (2020).


Park Seo-joon has only sung OSTs in Kdramas. In 2012, he quý phái his first tuy nhiên titled ‘New Dreaming’ in the Kdrama ‘Dream High 2’ with JB.

He then sang trọng ‘Come into My Heart’ (2014) from the Kdrama ‘The Witch’s Love sầu.’ In năm ngoái, he sang trọng ‘Letting You Go’ in the Kdrama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me.’ The song was charted at 91 on the Gaon Digital Chart. He also sang the OSTs ‘Long Way’ (2015) from ‘She was Pretty’ and ‘Our Tears’ (2017) from ‘Hwarang.’

Other Works

Park Seo-joon has worked as a host for the South Korean music program Music Bank (2013-15) and the năm trước SBS Drama Awards.

In 2018, he appeared as a cast thành viên in the TV reality show ‘Youn’s Kitchen: Season 2.’ The series follows the cast of the show traveling lớn a foreign location và trying lớn run their pop-up restaurant there.

In 2021, he was a cast member in the reality TV show ‘Youn’s Stay,’ which was rebranded from ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ và followed cast members who operated a hanok (traditional Korean house) guesthouse, especially for foreigners who have sầu lived in South Korea for less than a year.

Awards, Achievements và Honors

For Midnight Runners (2017)

Grvà Bell Award for Best New Actor for the film ‘Midnight Runners’ in 2017Korea Film Actors Association Award for Popular Star Awards for ‘Midnight Runners’ in 2017KOFRA Film Award for Best New Actor for ‘Midnight Runners’ in 2018Faro Island Film Festival – Golden Carp Film Award – Korean And Japanese for Best New Performer for ‘Midnight Runners’ in 2018

MBC Drama Awards for Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) và She Was Pretty (2015)

Popularity Award (Actor) in 2015Top 10 Stars Award for in 2015Best Couple Award (with Ji Sung) in 2015

KBS Drama Awards for Fight for My Way (2017)

Excellence Award (Actor in a Miniseries) in 2017Netizen Award (Actor) in 2017Best Couple Award (with Kim Ji-won) in 2017

Asia Artist Awards for Fight for My Way (2017)

Fabulous Award in 2017Best Star Award in 2017

Forbes Korea Power nguồn Celebrity 40

Placed 22nd in 2018Placed 30th in 2019Placed 14th in 2021

Other Rankings

Ranked 3rd in the Most Followed Korean Actors On Instagram 20đôi mươi by Metro.StyleMost Beloved by Consumer in 2018 by Soompi

Other Awards và Honors

Korea Drama Award for Best New Actor for ‘Pots of Gold’ in 2013Herald Donga Lifestyle Award for Best Style of the Year in 2014SBS Drama Awards – New Star Award for ‘One Warm Word’ in 2014KBS WORLD Global Fan Awards – Best Couple Award (with Kyên Ji-won) for ‘Fight for My Way’ in 2018APAN Star Award for Top Excellence Award (Actor in a Miniseries) for ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ in 2018


In June 2021, Park Seo-joon’s old interview from năm trước resurfaced on the internet, which created a huge controversy. In the interview, when talking about his ikhuyến mãi type, Park said that he wanted his wife lớn leave sầu her job lớn take care of his children. He had said,

I grew up in a family like that so I also think my kids should be raised by their mother. I heard the one’s childhood forever shapes the person’s perspective on life. It seems unloved childhood leads to lớn problematic adult life. Either he won’t have good social skills, or he could kết thúc up being a felon to be extreme. I will be their good fatherly figure, but the children need their mom. It could be wrong but to lớn me, this is an answer now. find women who bring about my protective sầu instinct attractive sầu. I feel lượt thích if they are tall, they are going lớn be fine living alone. I like women who keep me worried. And skinny women tend to lớn be like that.”

His sentences created a huge uproar over social truyền thông, & he was heavily criticized for his statements. <6>Allkpop



Food: Japchae, Bulgogi, Bibimbap, Kimbỏ ra fried rice, Beef, Pork with Soybean Sprouts và LettuceBeverage: CoffeeRestaurant: A coffe in Banpo-dong in SeoulFilm Director: Kim Jee-woonFilm(s): A Bittersweet Life (2005), La La L& (2016)Actor: Leonarvì DiCaprio, Kyên ổn Soo-hyunBaseball Player(s): Son Heung-min, Noah SyndergaardBaseball Team: Los Angeles DodgersTravel Destination: Los AngelesSinger: Noh Sa-yeonColor: Yellow


He lives at an apartment building in Geumho-dong, a neighborhood of Seongdong district in Seoul, South Korea. The neighborhood is home lớn South Korean celebrities like Lee Kwang-soo (actor), Baek Jin-hee (actress), Jun Hyun-moo (TV host), & couple Ahn Jae-hyun (Mã Sản Phẩm & actor) và Koo Hye-sun (actress, singer-songwriter, & director). He owns the apartment in the same building as Lee Kwang-soo, whose house was worth 500 million won ($445,000) as of 20trăng tròn, giving an idea of the price of Seo-joon’s apartment. <7>Cosmopolitan

Assets và Net Worth

In 20đôi mươi, he bought a building in Seoul’s Gangphái mạnh district for US$9 million. <8>South Trung Quốc Morning Post magazine


While he was doing his military service, he read a lot of books, especially self-help books and novels.He likes watching football whenever he is không lấy phí. He likes the South Korean footballer Son Heung-min & is also good friends with hlặng.His parents initially opposed hyên ổn for acting. His parents put up a condition that if his grades dropped three times, he would have sầu lớn quit acting. Due to the condition given by his parents, he juggled between acting school và studying. Instead of self-studies, he used to lớn attover his acting classes. He would take the last bus back home và go khổng lồ the library to study till 3 am. His grades dropped twice.To enhance his acting performances, at the beginning of his acting career, he learned kenbởi vì, aikivì chưng, fencing, và horseback riding.In September 2019, he was named the juror for the Asiamãng cầu International Short Film Festival.When he started his acting career, he admired the South Korean actor Klặng Soo-hyun, who was in the same agency as hyên. Although Seo- joon & Soo-hyun are almost the same age, Soo-hyun is senior in terms of acting. Soo-hyun recommended him to lớn his agency KeyEast Entertainment. He met Soo-hyun for the first time by chance on the phối of Dream High 2; in the first season of the show, Soo-hyun was the lead.He is a philanthropist and donated $83,800 to flood victims in August 2020 & a small amount to the city of Daegu lớn help fund medical equipment khổng lồ fight Covid-19 in February 20đôi mươi.
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