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How khổng lồ Lead: Wisdom from the World's Greatest CEOs, Founders, và Game Changers David M. Rubenstein

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Ladies Get Paid: The Ultimate Guide lớn Breaking Barriers, Owning Your Worth, & Taking Command of Your Career Claire Wasserman

The Ministry of Common Sense: How khổng lồ Eliminate Bureaucratic Red Tape, Bad Excuses, và Corporate BS Martin Lindstrom


How I Built This: The Unexpected Paths khổng lồ Success from the World's Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs Guy Raz

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Billion Dollar Brand Club: How Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, & Other Disruptors Are Remaking What We Buy Lawrence Ingrassia
Bezonomics: How Amazon Is Changing Our Lives & What the World's Best Companies Are Learning from It Brian Dumaine
Larger Than Yourself: Reimagine Industries, Lead with Purpose và Grow Ideas into Movements Thibault Manekin
We Should All Be Millionaires: Change Your Thinking, Build Bank, and Claim Your Independence Rachel Rodgers
Twelve & a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success Gary Vaynerchuk
Just Work: How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying khổng lồ Build a Kick-Ass Culture of Inclusivity Kimberly Scott
The Three Happy Habits: Techniques Leaders Use lớn Fight Burnout, Build Resilience and Create Thriving Workplace Cultures Beth Ridley
Invent and Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos, With an Introduction by Walter Isaacson Walter Isaacson

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