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Episode 7 of Zero-One is upon us, và as per usual, we get some clarity on certain plot points, while springing open new factors & questions along the way. We see Arulớn himself seeing a new side of the HumaGear, and Yua slowly moves on in her objective of learning all that she can about MetsubouJinrai.NET as per instructions from last episode. So then, let's jump right inlớn it, shall we?





Arulớn and Izu head over to Reika East High, a local school where the faculty are having issues with one of their HumaGear. As a brief sidenote, I find it interesting to see that HumaGear are actually a part of the staff, as we see one of them standing by the gates of the school, assuring that the students exit safely. In any case, the school's basketball club has a HumaGear advisor, who for some reason took it upon itself khổng lồ become a really passionate coach. This isn't necessarily its job, but we can see that its determination to lớn vì chưng its job too well is causing it to lớn go above và beyond. (We'll get bachồng to this). Isamu, sent by A.I.M.S. drops by as well, as the complaint by the Board of Ed, turns this inkhổng lồ yet another butting of heads between our Riders.

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Meanwhile Jin brings in a HumaGear, curious as to what they're gonna use hyên for. Horobi explains that he's designed lớn specialize in assassination, and he's handed the Dovị ZetsumeRise key khổng lồ bởi so. This HumaGear's has a bit of a quirky side lớn hyên, which kindomain authority has little relevance, for now at least.

Mr. Satou, the teacher who requested the assistance, takes the trio to the Gym where he shows that all the other clubs và their HumaGear instructors leaving as scheduled, except Coach Kobe, who is noted as keeping them an hour late every day. Arulớn likes that the students are enjoying his training, but Isamu notes that HumaGears are not supposed lớn break their protocols like that. Izu asks Mr. Satou why he hasn't tried to lớn rephối Kobe, to lớn which he says he's tried. Kobe ended up convincing him khổng lồ not, saying that He's there to lighten the load of the teachers, and basically, respect his role in regards to that.

Jin & the Assassin arrive at the school but are immediately intercepted by Yua, who exits not out of an A.I.M.S. truông xã, but a blaông chồng van. The pair transkhung và during the fight, Yua notices the HumaGear behind Jin. She fakes hyên ổn out and dives inkhổng lồ the HumaGear, sliding a new Progrise Key into the ZetsumeRiser & installing it. The Key backfires and freezes the HumaGear (literally). Jin responds, và while Yua is protecting group of girls from one of Jin's attacks, the blaông chồng van she came out of circles baông xã & the men inside kidnap the HumaGear & rushes off. Jin, understandably freaking out, is now intercepted by Aruto lớn & Isamu, both transformed. Yua takes the opportunity to lớn run off, unnoticed by the others. Jin escapes, wondering what he's gonmãng cầu tell Horobi.

Due to the attack by MetsubouJinrai, Isamu tells the kids that the school is off limits until further notice, putting a hindrance on their practice for the upcoming game. This doesn't faze Kobe, as he và the students sneak into campus khổng lồ continue to lớn practice. Aruto lớn, after realizing this, brings them lớn the roof of Hiden Intelligence where there's a court waiting for them to lớn practice. During this time, Aruto thinks khổng lồ himself how a HumaGear was able khổng lồ disobey an order, by going into the campus regardless of the ban. Overall, Arulớn and Izu tell Mr. Satou that they're not going to bởi vì anything about Kobe. Everything up to this point is based on his learning algorithm, và Izu further adds that while he may be overzealous, his thinking is logical. Satou is still adamant about resetting hyên ổn, making the terms conditional. If they thất bại the next match then Kobe will have sầu to lớn be rephối. Aruto is reluctant to agree, so Kobe, who overheard, agrees, and assures they'll win.

And as it turns out, they don't. Kobe's team chokes on a không tính phí throw, allowing the opposing team to lớn get one point ahead of them. Yuta, the boy who threw the free throw, tells them post game, that he's gonna quit the team. Kobe responds by throwing the basketball at hyên, & telling him that by doing that he's better than some NBA players. He reassures his team that they can try again in the Spring tournament. Yuta doesn't want to lớn, but Kobe gives more inspirational words of encouragement. This moment, something clicks inside of Kobe. As the three debate on how to handle Kobe's sudden use of force, he stands up và becomes very animated. He says that he wants to see the kids win their first game. It's what he wants. Jin comes up & says that Kobe, lượt thích the other HumaGears that were hacked, has achieved Singularity, or sentience. Isamu deems it as trouble automatically, Arukhổng lồ argues its based on the dreams of the kids, Jin jumps in và hacks Kobe. Kobe transforms inlớn the Mammoth Magia. Aruto and Isamu transkhung into lớn their respected rider forms.

Meanwhile, the Assassin, who's now sporting blue-eyes và xanh headphones activates the Dovày key và transforms, all of this being recorded by Yua. Notably when he joins in the fight, his headphones have sầu reverted baông chồng to its red color. In the 2v2 battle, Isamu swipes the Attache Calibur from Izu, to her surprise (and Aruto's annoyance) và Yua appears armed with the Shotgun, loaded with the new Progrise Key. She shoots the Mammoth frozen for a second, long enough for her to lớn hand Arulớn the key. With it, he transforms inkhổng lồ Kamen Rider Zero-One Freezing Bear. Izu claps in the background.

Yua joins Isamu, the latter of which preforms the Shooting Dispatch Slash khổng lồ take down the Dovị Magia, and Arulớn uses the Freezing Impact to lớn finsh off the Mammoth Magia. Jin collects the Dovày Key, but immediately freaks out again, when he loses the Mammoth Key. Its revealed that Yua swiped it, as for what she's going to lớn use it for remains to be seen. In the aftermath of everything, Arulớn & Izu, along with Mr. Satou see the newly replaced Kobe learning from the team, in addition lớn seeing new members who were inspired from the game joining as well. Arukhổng lồ holds onkhổng lồ his belief that HumaGear are lớn fufill Humanity's dreams.

The episode however, closes on Yua, who studies her recorded footage, recalling how she was able to lớn unvày the MetsubouJinrai.NET's protocols and revert the HumaGear, however, regardless of that, its function was still to assassinate Arukhổng lồ. Yua says that it all depends on how you use a tool, closing out the episode.

I think the three that stood out this week were Jin, Yua và Kobe. Starting with Kobe, we see that as the series begins to gain traction và expvà on its worldbuilding, we see Kobe be the first example of what it means for a HumaGear to lớn gain Singularity. In retrospect we can look baông xã at the previous episodes and see other examples of this as well. From what we can tell, what designates hints at Singularity, is when a HumaGear find its able lớn develop its own dream of something. HumaGear are designed with one function in mind & learn as they go. When they at some point decide for themselves that this function fills them with a sort of purpose then it seems lớn be a sign. Taro from Episode 1 found joy in making people laugh. Anmãng cầu desperately wanted to know the truth about Daybreak for the sake of her tour groups. Seine cared more about being a daughter than a VA. It's when their prime objectives become their dreams, that they're considered "sentient".

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Yua, as I expected, is becoming more secretive sầu và seems to lớn be adhering khổng lồ her task about learning all that she can about MetsubouJinrai.NET. And its scares me because she's exerting serious Kiriya vibes. Kiriya/Kamen Rider Lazer, from Ex-Aid, did similar things, be sneaky in order to investigate the origins of the Bugster Virus. And because of this, he was subsequently axed early on.

Yua in a similar vein, tests a progrise key in a ZetsumeRiser, and deduces their not only incompatible, but there's a major drawbachồng lớn the user, as we see Assassin frozen by the powers. She then kidnaps hlặng, và runs a demo to lớn see if she can unbởi the haông xã, which she seemingly succeeds, although she wasn't able khổng lồ unvày its prime directive khổng lồ assassinate Aruto lớn. And she steals the Mammoth ZetsumeRise key. All of which hints at her trying to gain an idea on how their tech works. Eventually we'll see the fruits of her labor.

Jin seems to lớn be baông xã khổng lồ his usual self, but judging by his reactions lớn the fact that he lost the Assassin & the Mammoth key, he's suddenly stressing about Horobi's reaction. Its weird for this rogue character who found fun in any situation, lớn now suddenly have a sense of loyalty lớn Horobi. Well, not so weird. After all it makes some sense, considering the former hacking Jin in last episode. We can assume this'll play up some more in the future.

03. Themes

This time around, I had to really think about what the theme of this episode could be. Overall its a wholesome episode that feels lượt thích it's been ripped from a 90's family movie. That being said though, I guess the theme of pursuing your dreams no matter the setbacks will have to vì chưng. You figure Kobe's determination lớn see his students succeed in the game and his dream to lớn see them win the spring tournament giving hyên ổn sentience, is a contributor to lớn this.

Episode 1-6 QuestionsPotential Answers/What We LearnedNew Questions
Izu thus far has shown quite a bit of articulation và some không tính phí will of her own, although arguably she's followed protocol, and its assumed she canceled the replacements of her own volition. But then, she used Aruto's quote khổng lồ tell a Joke, which would imply miễn phí will. Is there a reason why MetsubouJinrai hasn't designated her as a HumaGear with self awareness? Could the situation be more complex this early on, or does Izu have a firewall-program within her that prevents MetsubouJinrai khổng lồ get lớn her?

Thanks to lớn Kobe (& previous HumaGears in some retrospect), the leading theory that marks a HumaGear with sentience/self awareness is when the HumaGear is able to surpass its prime objective sầu. In other words, once they complete the task they've been designed khổng lồ preform, then it unlocks a sense in them where they desire to pursue the same dream on their own. If that is the case, then being hacked by MetsubouJinrai.NET rewrites that and makes their new desire & dream lớn eradicate humanity instead.

That said, What would it take for Izu to gain sentience? Izu in particular is the assistant of Arukhổng lồ. Her prime objective sầu is to lớn be his support until she's relived of her duty presumably. In which case, she may develop self awareness due lớn her dream of supporting Arulớn.

Being that Trilobite Magia are small footsoldiers và not complete Magia armed with a ZetsumeiRiser, is it possible for them to be completely reverted if their programming is svào enough? Anmãng cầu was able to briefly overcome her corruption, but what if she was armed with a ZetsumeiRiser? Would thing have played out differently? Did Onymang lại haông xã her lớn keep her from accessing the memory in the first place, as it would reveal MetsubouJinrai.NET's involvment in the attack in the first place?

While we don't have a direct answer for this, we vày have sầu solid confirmation that the haông xã can be undone, thanks khổng lồ Yua's experimentation. Not only that, but we also get the idea that Anna was assassinated to keep MetsubouJinrai's secrets hidden; Yua, thanks khổng lồ her experiments, not only has a method of uncorrupting them, but she now has info on how the Zetsumeriser works and other info which will be revealed. This, of course, is all in regards khổng lồ her orders of taking the group down as per the mysterious man's orders.

How far will Yua fall into the Rabbit Hole before she gets herself in trouble. What is her objective sầu, in regards to lớn the mysterious man's direction. Assuming this is all a part of A.I.M.S. (although the black truông chồng can imply otherwise)



Well, that just about does it for this week. I'll give this week a 4. Not that it was weak by any stretch, as we learned quite a bit of information, but like episode 5, it feels a bit lượt thích the beginning of a longer plot thread that we're gonna explore. Yua is showing more of a mysterious side lớn her, but its because we don't know where its going yet, its vague & somewhat scary, in regards to what her potential fate could be if she gets too cthảm bại to the fire. I am looking forward khổng lồ next weeks episode, so maybe things will come full circle finally.

As always, Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 7 has fansubs in English, being done by Ridertime Subs, Over-Time Subs and TVNihon throughout the week of its airing (Between Sunday-Thursday depending on the group). Meanwhile, Kamen Rider Zero-One airs every Sunday at 9AM JST/ Saturday 8PM EST, so look out for those as well.

That just about does it for this week folks. As always, thanks for taking the time khổng lồ read và I'll catch you guys in the next review!