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Video kinh doanh has become an integral part of SEO và digital kinh doanh as a whole. Therefore, many websites have embedded YouTube videos & other videos on their pages. Now if you want khổng lồ save such a đoạn phim on your PC you will need a URL clip downloader. You"ll no longer have khổng lồ browse and navigate the video-sharing website to lớn find the download link of the video. All you need to vì chưng is get a clip link downloader to help you tải về the video and save it on your divide. URL video downloaders allow you khổng lồ convert và save the clip in your desired format whether it is from Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest. So, if you want khổng lồ save đoạn clip from a URL kiểm tra out our menu of top 10 không tính phí online đoạn clip downloaders.

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10 miễn phí Online URL video Downloaders

Here is the list of top 10 URL video clip downloaders you can use khổng lồ save clip from URL. Let us introduce them one by one:

1. is one of the most popular online URL đoạn clip downloaders. This tool has been on the market for years và helps you save and tải về any online đoạn clip quickly and easily. With the help of SaveFrom, you can tải về videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Hotstar & many other websites. It has a downloader extension which you can install on your default browser & use to download any video you want. The best thing is that it is 100% free to use & is compatible with all browsers. If you want to tải về a video directly from the URL, just get this tool!


2. 9Convert

The contender on this danh mục is 9Convert, a high-quality YouTube video downloader. This free and unlimited URL video clip downloader allows you to save any YouTube đoạn clip on your desktop. All you have to do is copy-paste the URL and begin downloading. The best feature of this tool is that you can download YouTube videos in high quality formats lượt thích 720p HD và 1080p full HD. You can also save the đoạn phim as MP3 or MP4 tệp tin format. All in all, 9Convert is an excellent YouTube video clip downloader. The only downside of using this video link downloader is that it only works for YouTube. So, you cannot use it for other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, etc.


3. Acethinker

AceThinker is a great online URL downloader. With the help of this tool, you can download and save any đoạn phim easily. Its download host server has API from other websites meaning that the download may be slow. However, it is compatible with all popular đoạn phim sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and Meotacafe. Just get this không lấy phí online đoạn phim URL downloader and tải về from any trang web you want to. One of its top features is that it offers unlimited tải về so there is no không lấy phí online restriction on the number of websites or videos you can download. 


4. Keepvid

Keepvid is undoubtedly one of the best online URL video clip downloaders. It offers many different features và helps you tải về videos from multiple platforms. Whether it"s Facebook and Instagram or YouTube and Dailymotion, Keepvid has got you covered. Also allows you to lớn save the downloaded đoạn phim in MP3 or MP4 file format. Kiểm tra it out and get ready to download any đoạn phim you want khổng lồ save on your desktop.


5. đoạn phim Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is nothing short of Magic. This single tool allows you to download any đoạn clip and truyền thông media file from any website. Whether you want to tải về music or video clip simply get an extension of this tool on your mặc định browser. It is không lấy phí and it is compatible with all mainstream browsers lượt thích Google Chrome, internet Explorer, Opera, etc. Lớn save high unique video & music files without any lag và buffering, all you have to do is copy paste the URL và let this video URL downloader vị its job.

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6.Link Video

Link clip is an online không tính phí URL video clip downloader, generator & converter. It is a versatile tool for everyone who wants to download and save videos. Link clip allows you to download movies, music & other content from different websites including social truyền thông media platforms. Some of the popular websites you can access with this URL downloader are 4anime, 9gag, Akillitv Buzzfeed, Dailymotion, ESPN, Facebook, IMBD, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok và YouTube. You can save the files in MP3, MP4 & other file formats. 


7. Online video clip Converter

Online video clip Converter or OVC is a versatile URL đoạn clip downloader that allows you lớn save đoạn clip files as MP4, MP3 và other formats. This tool offers multiple ways to help you download, convert & save videos on any device. So, with OVC you can tải về videos on your di động phone as well. Just copy và paste the video link & that’s it! Within 3-4 simple steps you will have the clip on your PC. You can tải về from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo và more.



This is an online tool offering 100% downloads from multiple websites. It is super-fast & easy to use. With just a simple click you will download any đoạn phim from the URL. It offers unlimited downloads without any limitations. You can get the videos in original format or tải về in your desired format. It supports full HD, 8K, 4K & more. So, with the help of DistillVideo you can get high-quality videos from Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Daily Motion, Tiktok & other mainstream platforms.



Save đoạn phim helps you download videos from social networks, streaming websites & other platforms. Just copy & paste the URL (video link) and begin the download. You can also mô tả the links of social truyền thông media platforms with your friends and family. So, if you want khổng lồ save a Tiktok video, an Instagram reel, a YouTube tutorial or an episode of your favorite show, simply use Save Video. It is the perfect tool as it also allows you to save the downloaded video in any tệp tin format!


10. is a very simple tool with no nonsense. It allows you to tải về and convert YouTube videos for miễn phí in multiple formats. It is compatible with both desktop & smartphones. With you can select the filename, iD3 tags, clip quality, tệp tin format and more. This đoạn clip link downloader is fast and reliable. Primarily it is a YouTube đoạn clip downloader but you can also save video from URL from any platform including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Bonus Tip-Best đoạn phim Editing Software for Beginners and Pros is a versatile clip creation & editing software. It aims for a wide user base và caters khổng lồ both beginners và pros. It is easy to use with basic clip editing tools but also offers power & advanced features. Thus, this one software is suitable for all levels of clip creators & allows you to lớn create home videos, professional campaigns, YouTube videos, Instagram reels, và more. So, if you are a content creator, professional videographer, or just a đoạn clip editing enthusiast, is for you.