While traveling across the country in a run-down RV, drag queen Ruby Red discovers an unlikely sidekiông chồng in AJ: a tough-talking 10-year-old stowaway.

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The story begins at the over of an era as Robert (aka Ruby Red) prepares for a new adventure. Elsewhere, young AJ endures the mean streets of Manhatchảy.


Robert treats AJ khổng lồ breakfast ... và a long danh sách of questions. Later, Ruby steps back into lớn the spotlight và encounters bad blood, on và offstage.


A fender bender leads to lớn a frantic game of cát & mouse. AJ receives a message from baông chồng home page, and Ruby prepares for an impromptu competition.

AJ and Robert encounter a new cast of queens as Ruby gets ready for a daring performance. Meanwhile, Damien’s cruel game claims another victlặng.

As the tour heads to Nashville, a peculiar pit stop catches Robert's eye, and AJ makes a crafty plan for extra cash.

A late-night rest stop leads to a last-minute musical as Robert makes friends in a rural RV park. Meanwhile, his history with "Hector" comes to light.

Robert and AJ make their way to lớn Mississippi for an action-packed reunion. Baông xã in Thủ đô New York, Louis opens the door to lớn an unexpected visitor.

A medical emergency triggers a string of painful memories for AJ and Robert. Lady Danger & Damien cross paths with a fellow traveler.

As the RV rolls inkhổng lồ Texas, the tour hits an unforeseen snag. Robert reconnects with an old friover, and AJ eagerly awaits life with Pop Pop.

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The end of tour arrives as Ruby competes in Miss Drag USA, AJ prepares for Pop Pop's farm, and Brianmãng cầu attempts one last desperate leap of faith.

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