All Kinds Of Daughters

DirectorLee Jae-jinWriterOh Sang-heeStarring

Hahm Eun-jung, Lee Ju-yeon, Kang Kyung-joon, Cha Do-jin

CategoryDramaYear2017EpisodeRunning TimeGenreKeyword

Geum-byeol & Eun-byeol are twin sisters & have had a bad sibling relationship since they were little girls. Geum-byeol was treated like a princess by their mother while Eun-byeol was neglected & forced lớn give in khổng lồ her sister all the time. The sisters had a long, tempestuous relationship but this conflict between them should have ended when they got married. Instead, their marriages took their sibling rivalry khổng lồ new heights. They later found out that their husbands were sworn enemies. This TV show revolves around unequal childhoods and how two siblings find themselves the daughters-in-law in two feuding families which they try khổng lồ mediate. These multiple strained relationships between people are portrayed in a lighthearted way as the related parties eventually resolve their issues through forgiveness và love.

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She has a twin sister. Currently, Eun-byeol works at a publishing company while working as a ghost writer on the side. She has a bad relationship with her twin sister Geum-byeol. She had frequent fights with her sister & her mother would always take Geum-byeol’s side regardless of who was in the wrong. When Geum-byeol got married and Eun-byeol married Choi Han-joo, the constant fighting between the siblings seemed to lớn have sầu finally ended but the unexpected happened. Han-joo & her brother-in-law turn out lớn be sworn enemies. Making matters worse, her mom got into lớn a major scuffle with Han-joo’s mother before the wedding and this created problems with her in-laws for Eun-byeol.

She is Eun-byeol’s twin sister. As a former Miss Korea beauty contestant, she currently works in the lăng xê department of a fashion brvà. She believes she is superior to other people & treats people with disdain. She uses her looks khổng lồ get what she wants. She followed her helicopter mom’s career guidance & so she naturally believed that she will marry inkhổng lồ a wealthy family and her predictions came true when she married Park Min-ho, the son of a large real estate holder. After marrying well, she thought she would be elevated in her social standings compared khổng lồ Eun-byeol but when her twin sister married Choi Han-joo, the situation became reversed.

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He is Eun-byeol’s husband & works as a Taekwonvày instructor. He was a promising Taekwondo athlete as a teenager. In high school, he faced Park Min-ho in the national Taekwonbởi vì finals but Park’s dad fixed the match & he subsequently got branded for having a violent temper in the tournament when protesting his unfair loss. The incident ended his Taekwonbởi career. After marrying the adorable Eun-byeol, he became reminded of his painful past. Eun-byeol’s sister is married to lớn Park Min-ho, his enemy who defeated him in the Taekwonvì chưng match that was fixed. It was devastating to know that he was now a distant in-law to lớn Park.

As Geum-byeol’s husb&, he is the son of the owner of Nine Fashion group & works for his dad as a general manager. Because he had an oppressive sầu father, he is attracted to strong-willed woman và drawn to lớn Geum-byeol who is sassy. When he heard that his sister-in-law was going to lớn marry Han-joo, whom he defeated in a fixed Taekwonvì chưng match in high school và whose family has sued his for defrauding them, he tries to lớn prsự kiện them from getting married but eventually he becime in-laws with Han-joo through his sister-in-law.